Friday, November 28, 2008

Ready for Take-Off!

Lily decided she needed a helmet to ride her tricycle. She saw her big sister Emily wearing a helmet on her two-wheel bike so she had to have the same. The only helmet I could find was this motorcycle helmet. It was so comical I just had to take a picture. Lily could barely navigate with this thing on her head!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Fun & Play
The two girls are our neighbors.

Emily & Lily were taking turns pretending to be operating a food stand. 

This is Lily's first visit to the park. We have a nice park near our house and Lily seemed to really enjoy it. There has been so much going on it's hard to believe it took two months to get to the park. This was a very nice day, no winds or fires! 

Lily continues to learn new words. She is getting better at communicating with us and experiencing less frustration. She has lots of cute sayings now, when she wants to be picked up she says "uppy-down", she calls her yogurt "yo", so in the morning we hear her saying, "mama, yo", she calls a Kleenex an "achoo", oatmeal is "o". She tends to leave off the ends or beginnings of words. Book is "bu", Micah is "cah", her brother Nick is "ik". She still mixes Chinese and english words, sometimes I am daddy, other times I am baba.
  All in all she is doing very well. Lily is a very strong-willed child and when she does not get her way.....let the battle begin!!! Of course this is where we have to remember we are dealing with a two year old who had no parents to tell her what to do. We can tell that she did receive some correction and discipline, for example, if she thinks she did something wrong she will put her head down and become silent. We have to kind of  coax her out of it by making her laugh or something. She is showing signs of learning right from wrong and is starting to "get it" with some things. It's just going to take a lot of patience and repeating things again and again. Generally Lily is a very happy little girl, she wakes up happy and is full of smiles. She is also starting to pretend with us. Lately she has started this thing where she plants her face in a pillow and starts sobbing...pretend...then she tells her mother to do the same. She gets a big kick out of us making a fuss over her. She pretends with her dolls of course, they have to have their poopie diapers changed.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Two Months Home!

Home for Two Months, November 11th!

Lily is doing very well. She is now able to count to 10 with her cute Chinese accent. She is learning her ABC's and colors. She has become proficient at bossing her sister around!!! Of course Emily does not stand for it one bit! In other words, they act like sisters...
Our family has developed a very strange tradition at birthdays (we just celebrated Aaron's B-Day). Our sons have decided to modify the traditional "happy birthday" song. Instead, they do this thing that can only be described as a pack of wolves howling to the tune of happy birthday. Lily is giving her opinion of their singing abilities.....She's plugging her ear!!! But sort of listening too. It's one of those things you just have to be there to appreciate....or not!
Lily and Micah are going for a drive, she's in his lap. They went for quite a few laps around the house and seemed to thoroughly enjoy the ride.
It's hard to believe that we've been home for two months already! Lily's latest feat is that she is beginning to learn how to ride a tricycle. She seemed to catch on to it very quickly. The only problem is her legs are not long enough to reach the pedals all the way. She can barely reach and pedal but she totally gets the concept of pushing to make herself go. 

Yesterday we had our first visit with the social worker for post placement. She was quite impressed with Lily's level of understanding of things. The next visit is in Feb then August of '09.  We plan to re-adopt Lily so that she will have a California State Birth Certificate. 

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Lily's First Halloween

Halloween at Nickelodeon in Burbank

Our son Aaron (Micah's dad) works at Nickelodeon as a storyboard artist so he gets to invite family to their Halloween celebration. It's pretty cool, they decorate the entire studio in different themes based upon the various shows that Nickelodeon has. The above character is from Kai lan, one of Nick's cartoons. 
Both Micah and Lily were fascinated by the dry ice in the fountain. Lily is supposed to be a butterfly
This is Lily's very first hotdog! It wasn't a big hit!
This display was part of Fairly OddParents, it was supposed to be a giant fish bowl and the balloons were supposed to be the pebbles at the bottom of the fish bowl. The kids had a blast kicking the balloons around. They also had giant caldrons of candy filled with every kind of candy you can imagine.