Monday, April 26, 2010

March / April Update

March and April fun

The kids had a lot of fun in their new play room. Lizzy likes to pretend that she is eating just like the big kids. It's just so cute to watch them.

We went to Kn*tt's Berry Farm on Easter break. The girls had a lot of fun. Lily is a little thrill seeker.

Jerry just loved this picture he took at Kn*tt's.

Lily loved meeting "noopy" as she says it, still having trouble with S-blends. She now has a stuffed Snoopy that she sleeps with. This is the first stuffed animal that she has wanted to have in her bed with her. She is a " love on my blanket" type of girl.

This is the girls in their Easter dresses that I made them. Finally, I made the time to sew them matching dresses. It's something I have wanted to do since I knew we were adopting again. The girls love that mommy made them.

The girls love to wear matching outfits. They still ask almost daily to match each other. I never thought it would last this long.
These girls love each other so much.