Wednesday, December 30, 2009


As we are surfing all our favorite blogs we notice that most everybody is buried in snow. This is what Christmas is like in California! It was about 70 degrees and clear as a bell. We don't want to cause anyone to struggle with envy but this is the main reason why people like to live in California.
Emily and Lily had fun making and decorating Christmas cookies

This picture says it all about this little ones personality!
She is totally in charge of this project

This was the BIG present for the girls this year. Our daughters were very excited to get to practice their driving. Lily actually did pretty good in the living room because she could only go straight backward and straight forward, no steering required. outside was a different story.

Here they are speeding down our driveway. Emily actually figured out a 3 point turn around on the sidewalk....I was pretty impressed.

The last time we posted we mentioned that our church was trying to provide 500 children in India with a new set of clothes. The plan was to take a special offering in an effort to raise $4000.00 in about two weeks. Now, just to give a little background, our church had already sent an offering of over $20,000.00 in August of this year. You would think with the economy being bad and the fact that we are only about 70 members strong including children, we could not expect the body to be so generous. But God had other plans! We were able to send over $9750.00 to India!

One thing we are learning is, when you touch something that is close to God's heart He will abundantly provide and bless. We read about how He provides for families miraculously in order for them to adopt. Clearly God's heart is for the fatherless and he moves upon hearts in order to meet their needs. He is an Awesome God!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Finally We're Updating our Blog

Our son Aaron works at Nickelodeon in Burbank as an artist. Every year the studio decorates for Halloween and allows their employees to invite family to join in on the fun. Each show decorates their work area in a different theme and it's always a lot of fun for the kids. This year our daughter in-law, Lauren made Toy Story costumes for her family and boy were they cute!
Buzz Micah!
Bo Lizzy!

Don't you just want to squeeze those cheeks?

This year Lily asked...Why we do pumpkins? Well, I don't know...but it's fun!
Our two little Mermaids!
Emily turned 8 November 28th! Wow! She was only 21 months when we got her, now she's all grown up and savin China as she puts it. (a line from Mulan if you don't recognize the line)
Such a happy girl. Emily is such a joy and special person. She really enjoyed her birthday!
Mom spent hours decorating a "Little Mermaid" cake for Emily....can you say tired hands?

Emily had a "sleep over" on her actual birthday...her first one. The girls had a great time making Christmas ornaments, decorating Christmas cookies and of course eating them.

Emily wanted to show off her blue tooth (teeth)!

The Lord continues to grow the passion and desire to help orphans in our hearts. On Orphan Sunday I (Jerry) preached at our church about the 147 million orphans in the world and how it is our call as Christians to meet their needs. Our church supports an orphanage in India which has grown over the years from several hundred children to 3500 children. We have helped them purchase the land and buildings for schools and living. Recently we asked if there is anything we could do for the children for Christmas. The Director, Samuel said he and his wife Mercy had been praying for clothes for Christmas for 500 of the little ones. As it turns out these children only have one set of clothes. They wash their clothes every three days and while their clothes are drying they are naked and cannot go outside until their clothes are dry. Can you imagine that? How many sets of clothes do you have? Anyway, after Orphan Sunday one of the ladies in the church was moved to do something for Little Lights (the name of the orphanage in India). So, she is working with all the children in the church to raise the money ($8/child) to purchase one set of clothes for these 500 children. I am confident that God will meet their needs as He has done time and time again.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lily's 3rd Birthday! (more pics to follow)

The day before Lily's birthday our church had a father daughter dance. Both the girls had a blast. The theme was western attire and we learned to square dance.
Lily was so happy to get her own doll house. She wants to be just like Emily who got her doll house when she was 3. Lily was so cute this morning asking, " Am I 3?" She was really hoping to be 4 or 5, but three is definitely better than 2 in her book.
Lily is posing in front of the presents for Micah and Lily. She was so excited it was hard to get her to stop for a minute to take a picture.
These pictures are out of order because we were having trouble getting them to post on our blog. This is Lily playing with her doll house.
We had pasta, a favorite of both 3 year olds. Micah was being his goofy self. We can't imagine where the goofiness comes from. Of course not, Aaron.

Sorry for the double pictures. It's better than no pictures.
Micah, Kaitlyn, Lily, and Emily.

Lily enjoyed the day and got some very nice gifts.

Today Lily turned 3!!! Of course she tried to convince Micah (her nephew who is also 3) that she is turning 4! He didn't buy it. We had a combined birthday to celebrate both Lily's and Micah's birthdays. There were about 35 of us all together at our son Aaron's house. Quite the crowd!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Friday, September 11, 2009

Fun at the Park (trying out the new camera)

September 11th carries a very negative connotation for most Americans after the horrible events 8 years ago. However, for our family September 11th, 2008 is exactly one year from the day we arrived home with this precious little girl! I don't know if you can see it in her face but this little one is full of spunk! She is a very strong willed little girl, she thinks she can do EVERYTHING. We constantly hear her say..."I do it, I do it", even when it's something that is impossible for her to do. Lily is becoming more loving and affectionate. It's strange both our daughters did this backward hug thing. When you ask them for a hug they would come up to you and then turn their back to you. We would have to turn them around and say, no, this is how you hug.
After our trip to Catalina Island, where I broke our old camera, we had to purchase a new one. We bought a Nikon P90 which is still a pretty basic point and shoot camera but it does a pretty good job. I got some practice in at the park the other day. The girls love to ham it up for the camera.

I love taking pictures of children when they don't know the camera is on them. You can catch them deep in thought, or making some funny face, their little faces are so precious.

We thank God for bringing Lily into our family, she has brought a lot of spark and liveliness that's for sure. Emily and Lily are becoming really good friends and sisters. Their play together has improved and grown. It's a joy to sit back and listen to them just giggling up a storm as they play together. We are truly blessed!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Celebrating Gotcha/Family Day 2009

One Year Ago Today this precious little one was placed into our hands to become our daughter. It's hard to believe that one hear has passed already. We have been so blessed to have Lily in our family. Yes there have been growing pains and struggles but all of this is part of God's design to cause greater growth in all of us.
This picture is out of order but I'm too tired to try to fix it. I know that if I try I'll end up deleting it or something. Lily loves ice cream and cream mostly
Daddy brought home Chinese food for dinner and Lily said, "Thank You daddy for making me Chinese food". I actually get credit for making edible food! (inside joke, I can't cook)
Emily and Lily have grown to love each other more and more. Emily is a great big sister. Almost every day the play a game Emily calls "Family" where they pretend to be the mommy and baby etc. We usually end up with Emily's entire bedroom contents in our living room.....eeek! Don't worry, we make her clean up the mess.
I just had to include this picture of Lily. We had to purchase a new camera since I recently broke our old camera. We bought a Ni*on P90. At first I was having all sorts of problems with the pictures being blurry, color distortion etc. I was ready to return the camera until I got online and started reading tips from current users. Anyway, I took this close up of Lily and really like it.
After raising 5 biological sons, then adopting two daughters from China you would think that we would be done with thinking about adoption. BUT GOD has continued to fill our hearts with the desire to help orphans in whatever way He sees fit. Our church supports an orphanage in India called "Little Lights" where over 3000 children are cared for, fed, taught about Jesus and prepared to go out into society with a real education. Recently we were blessed with the priviledge of participating in a special offering to help them purchase the final plot of land on their 10 acre compound. It is a blessing to help these children whom God cares for so dearly.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Lily's First Vacation - Catalina Island

Eighteen years ago today we visited Catalina. ( Yes, that means today is our 33rd anniversary) It was our 15th anniversary. We always intended to bring the kids to Catalina. we finally made it last week. The girls loved playing in the sand.
The captain of the glass bottom boat was kind enough to take a picture of us after the ride. We got to see lots of fish,kelp, and sea weed.
Lily is driving the Under the Sea boat. She seems to think sticking out her tongue looks good.
Lily's first time playing miniature golf. She came in first place. Was it beginners luck or daddy's help?
This picture says it all. Fun! Fun! Fun!
We had dinner with this beautiful view. Lily is showing her beautiful tongue pose again.
The girls wanted to take their pictures with these two bald eagles. there are over 50 real bald eagles living on the island.
We had a fun trip and went on quite a few tours. We saw seals, sea lions, flying fish, and several kinds of local fish. The water was sooo blue. Lily seemed to enjoy the trip, but missed the dog. She wanted to go home and see her " baby dog".