Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lily's First Visit to the Zoo

We are embarrassed to admit that we have had Lily for 7 and 1/2 months and this is the first time we took her to the zoo! We decided to avoid the crowd at the L.A. Zoo and we went to the Santa Barbara Zoo (easier on the legs too). It just so happens that Lily turned 2.5 on the 17th, the day we went. Emily is funny at the zoo. she goes around holding her nose saying "Eeewwww" they stink. Let's get away from here" She's such a princess.

Behind this picture of the three girls there is supposed to be a snow tiger, you have to enlarge the picture to see it.
After we were home I asked Lily what her favorite animal was, she said the elephant. Unfortunately the picture of the elephant didn't turn out too great, so we inserted the Giraffe.

I had to throw in this picture of our little flower. The other day Lily and I were playing in the back yard and I decided to put these flowers in her hair. She loved it and was willing to pose for me while I ran into the house to grab the camera. What a cutie!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


A play date at the park with friends. 
The girls were so cute in their matching outfits. They love dressing up.
Lily loved the chocolate in her Easter basket. She has a real sweet tooth and would have nothing but chocolate for breakfast if we let her.
The girls had a lot of fun decorating eggs. The look Lily is giving Emily is a classic "Lily look".
Our friends who adopted 3 children from Ethiopia were out visiting. Emily and their daughter Kali really hit it off. The next day Emily asked if she could have Kali over. Unfortunately they live out of state.
Here's the whole group. We had a really nice time. If our three families would of had all our children here there would be 18 "kids". We only had 10 this day. We are all truly blessed.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Continuing to add to the Hammersley Family

We're on a Run! We are about to add our 5th daughter (3rd in-law) to our family. We just continue to be blessed with beautiful daughters. 

Below are pictures from the Bridal Shower held for Jolina (center), our newest, soon-to- be daughter-in-law
Of course Lily had to get in on the action and help open presents.

Emily loves to give gifts, she went into her bedroom and put together a gift for Jolina. Jolina loves Hello Kitty so Emily gave her some of hers.
Christy wouldn't brag about making this beautiful cake, but I can. The cake is made up of cupcakes decorated like flowers.
As I said, we are very blessed!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Lily's and Micah's First (early) Easter Egg Hunt

Lily didn't know what to do with the eggs. She started to get the hang of it when they were almost done hunting for eggs.

Micah's sweet Great-grandma had an early Easter surprise for Micah , Emily, and Lily. She gave them all baskets and had eggs hidden in the yard. The eggs had change in them. Lily held up a quarter and said "dollar". At least she knows it's money.

Lily has been saying the cutest thing. She likes to tell us, "I love you too much". She also has a new favorite book it is Dr. Seuss' ABCs. We put her "reading" it on U tube, but are having trouble getting it uploaded to our blog. Hopefully, we will be able to do it soon. She is getting really good at recognizing her letters.