Tuesday, January 27, 2009

January Events (Gymnastics, Chinese New Year, and B-Day)

The highlight of gymnastics is getting the stamp on the hand.....and the foot.....and the tummy...you get the picture.

Lily started "Mommy and Me" gymnastics last week and she really likes it. It may have something to do with the fact that big sister does gymnastics...but she likes it!

We went out for Chinese food on Chinese New Year. Lily got to renew her noodle slurping skills!
Today she was going around the house saying "Happy New Year", the only problem is it comes out sounding like "Happy Noodle!"..........Happy Noodle to you too Lily!

The people at the Golden Tiger are getting to know us and they come over and help the girls practice their Mandarin.

This is Lily's 2nd cousin Carlee. She is one month younger than Lily but as you can see she is quite a bit bigger. This is the first time they have met.

Ashlee (in the middle) is getting the full beauty treatment from the two year old experts!

Paige (in her mom's lap) is the birthday girl, she turned one. Paige is another of Lily's second cousins.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Our Kitchen Helper(s)

We bought the kitchen helper so our girls can help without getting hurt. Lily loves to see what I am doing in the kitchen. Now she can see without getting too close to things and I can actually cook without holding her. In this picture Lily and Emily are washing their hands and playing with the soap bubbles.

Lily loves to be wrapped in my (Christy's) robe with me in the mornings. Lily and Emily are doing the same thing with their babies as I do with Lily. It was so cute to watch them imitate me.