Friday, August 21, 2009

Lily's First Vacation - Catalina Island

Eighteen years ago today we visited Catalina. ( Yes, that means today is our 33rd anniversary) It was our 15th anniversary. We always intended to bring the kids to Catalina. we finally made it last week. The girls loved playing in the sand.
The captain of the glass bottom boat was kind enough to take a picture of us after the ride. We got to see lots of fish,kelp, and sea weed.
Lily is driving the Under the Sea boat. She seems to think sticking out her tongue looks good.
Lily's first time playing miniature golf. She came in first place. Was it beginners luck or daddy's help?
This picture says it all. Fun! Fun! Fun!
We had dinner with this beautiful view. Lily is showing her beautiful tongue pose again.
The girls wanted to take their pictures with these two bald eagles. there are over 50 real bald eagles living on the island.
We had a fun trip and went on quite a few tours. We saw seals, sea lions, flying fish, and several kinds of local fish. The water was sooo blue. Lily seemed to enjoy the trip, but missed the dog. She wanted to go home and see her " baby dog".