Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lily's 3rd Birthday! (more pics to follow)

The day before Lily's birthday our church had a father daughter dance. Both the girls had a blast. The theme was western attire and we learned to square dance.
Lily was so happy to get her own doll house. She wants to be just like Emily who got her doll house when she was 3. Lily was so cute this morning asking, " Am I 3?" She was really hoping to be 4 or 5, but three is definitely better than 2 in her book.
Lily is posing in front of the presents for Micah and Lily. She was so excited it was hard to get her to stop for a minute to take a picture.
These pictures are out of order because we were having trouble getting them to post on our blog. This is Lily playing with her doll house.
We had pasta, a favorite of both 3 year olds. Micah was being his goofy self. We can't imagine where the goofiness comes from. Of course not, Aaron.

Sorry for the double pictures. It's better than no pictures.
Micah, Kaitlyn, Lily, and Emily.

Lily enjoyed the day and got some very nice gifts.

Today Lily turned 3!!! Of course she tried to convince Micah (her nephew who is also 3) that she is turning 4! He didn't buy it. We had a combined birthday to celebrate both Lily's and Micah's birthdays. There were about 35 of us all together at our son Aaron's house. Quite the crowd!

Sunday, October 11, 2009