Thursday, May 28, 2009

Miscellaneous Happenings

Today was our youngest son, Nick's 17th birthday. Emily turned 7 1/2 today. Nick was giving Emily a thank you hug for her birthday present. We will have a big family celebration this week-end.

This picture is for Kevin. That is Lily's best friend from China. He just got a new scooter . Too bad they live in another state they could ride scooters together. Lily is waving hi to Kevin.
We hope you enjoy the picture Kevin. Have fun on your scooter!
The kids are all piling on top of Aaron. They had a lot of fun together last weekend.

Lily was pretending to be a bride. The girls like to play wedding after being in Jacob and Jolina's wedding earlier this month.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

More Pic's from Jacob and Jolina's Wedding

Here is Lily hanging out at the bar waiting for her drink, well, not really, it's actually a baptismal in the church.
Just another beautiful day in California. Great day for a wedding!

This is a picture of our extended family
The Happy Couple
The "not so happy" couple

Lily gave up on Micah decided to have some fun on her own

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Jacob & Jolina's Wedding

May 2 Jacob and Jolina said " I do"
Emily, Micah, and Lily were ready for the wedding. They were practicing what they were supposed to do. Emily was great at getting the two year olds to practice.
Enzo, Lily, Emily, and Micah all going up and down the aisle before the wedding practicing. They did this all by themselves at practice. At the wedding everyone except Emily needed help down the aisle. It's a lot more scary with a church full of people.
Here comes the bride! Jolina walking down the aisle with her Mom and Dad.

Lily and Emily were so cute watching Jolina coming down the aisle.
Lizzy decided to sleep through the whole wedding. Lauren's Dad, Mike (a really good Grandpa by the way), is holding our sweet little grand daughter.
Jacob and Jolina are exchanging their vows.
It was really hard to get a good picture with all the kids in it. Micah had been sick all week and he wasn't going for it. We were all laughing at all his cute funny faces. He definitely takes after his Dad.
This is Floyd, our daughter-in-law Jen, our goofy son Jeremy, and baby Lizzy. Jeremy always makes faces at me when I take pictures. Maybe next time he won't make funny faces if he knows I'm going to post them on our blog. Not!
Jolina is having the first piece of cake. They are such a sweet couple.
The three girl's outfits matched.
Nick with his friend Sam. He didn't want any pictures, but I wanted to show that he was there.
Aaron was dancing with Emily. Lauren was dancing with Lily. The girls loved the dancing. Lily kept throwing herself on the floor. Her own version of break dancing I guess.
Christy holding Lizzy. Jerry holding Lily. Lily was loving on Lizzy. She loves her niece.
We are both happy to have our new daughter, Jolina. What a blessing!