Thursday, October 21, 2010

Playing Catch-up

First day at School, Show and tell

All dressed and ready for their first day of school (with our homeschool group) This is Emily's third year and Lily's first. Emily LOVES school, she wants to do school year round.

Lily had her 2nd Gotcha Day on Sept 1st and Emily had her 7th on Sept. 16th

In So. California we don't get snow so Lily is making "sand angels". This is the same kid who would not even stand on the sand when we first got her.

Lily's First Visit to the American Girl Doll Store

This was Lily's first visit to this store (and daddy's). We all had a fun time checking out all the dolls. We splurged and had lunch there. Lot's of Fun!

This is Felicity's Horse, Penny. According to Lily, every horse is Penny
The other night I found Lily standing over her 6in. plastic horse, in bed, trying to ride the horse! Like I said, she's crazy about horses.

Ventura County Fair

This Summer we had a foreign exchange student from S. Korea come and stay with us for 3 weeks. We had a great time with Lydia. The girls enjoyed having a "big sister" for a few weeks.

Lily Loves Horses

We have friends at church who have a horse and during a visit to their house Lily got to ride her with help. Anyway, since that day she has been head over heals about horses. When we went to the fair she HAD to ride the horses.

Dress up, Singing Songs, and Performing for the Family

Fun in the Kitchen