Thursday, July 30, 2009

July Events

Friday we went to the park. The kids had a great time climbing on the rocks. Of course, they had to fit in a snack time. Can't go any where without the snacks. Kids without snacks :( no way!
Lily is taking a little break from the climbing. The kids played hide and go seek.
We had a wonderful visit from our friends Debbie and Lillian. They moved to Mississippi 2 years ago. Lillian, Emily, and Lily were having a blast. The time went by way too quickly.
Lily swinging during our visit with Debbie and Lillian. Lily really loves to swing.
The girls enjoying the swing set with Debbie watching in the background. Boy do we miss those two.
We went swimming at Jeremy and Jen's house on the 4th. No Jeremy and Jen and no fireworks. We had a barbeque and swam. We opted out of the crowds at the park and just had some family time. ( Yes, we took over our son and daughter-in law's house with their permission.)