Saturday, January 8, 2011

Wrapping up 2010

Lily & Emily's First visit to the snow---ever!
The girls enjoyed going down the hills on the dish and sled. Nobody hit any trees!
Lily was disappointed that she couldn't make snow angels, the snow was way too packed.

This is Lily's acting debut! She was the cutest little lamb ever!
Right in the middle of the play she asks, " mom, do you have a mint?" Not sure where that fits into the nativity scene?

Christmas morning at our 3rd oldest son's (Aaron) house. Lily received a play guitar and as you can see, she loved it!

Lily is very much into horses! Ever since she road one she wants everything horses! So, she got what she asked for!

Both of the girls received new bikes. They love them. Lily was riding through the house on her "magenta" bicycle, her favorite color.

Four dolls

We have a neighbor who poses as Santa every year. It took Lily quite a while to warm up to the idea of sitting on this guys lap! I think she was freaked out by the "Ho Ho Ho's". Who goes around talking like that anyway?

Halloween - Prairie girl, colonial girl team up with the incredibles!

Mom made both the outfits for the girls. Very Cute!

Lily turns Four
Check out the horsey cake, mom made that too.
Matching dolls, too much fun!

Lily has been asking for bitty baby happy girl

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